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Dental exam in Weston, FL


Brushing and flossing are the foundation of good oral health. A good oral care routine can prevent many diseases, such as cavities and gum disease. However, a regular dental exam with your dentist is always necessary to ensure there are no issues with your teeth.


Dental checkups are a core element of dentistry. They allow the dentist to thoroughly evaluate the oral cavity and look for any sign of disease that you might not be noticing. Furthermore, these dental evaluations are the perfect opportunity to get a dental cleaning and ensure your teeth remain healthy and strong.


Since a good dental exam is crucial for excellent oral health, we make sure to thoroughly evaluate your oral cavity and clean your teeth deeply. Contact our dental clinic in Weston, Florida, and make an appointment for a dental checkup and a professional cleaning.


What happens during a dental exam?

The dentist uses different methods to perform the oral exam. The evaluation begins with a simple visual checkup of your mouth. This is done with the aid of a dental mirror. This tool allows the dentist to evaluate areas that can't be seen directly, such as the inner aspect of your frontal teeth and the back of your molars.


During the dental exam, the dentist looks for any sign that could indicate the presence of a lesion. However, this is not limited to just cavities on your teeth. Dentists are also trained to identify any condition in the mouth, such as gum disease, abscesses, and various oral pathologies, including cancer and benign lesions. Furthermore, the dentists might indicate some dental x-rays to ensure they are not missing anything.


Lastly, dentists can also evaluate the state of any dental restoration you have. They can determine if they are still in good shape or need to be fixed or replaced.


It is recommended to see a dentist at least twice a year for a dental exam. This offers many benefits, such as:


  • Early detection of tooth decay and other diseases

  • Early treatment and less invasive treatment options

  • Detection of oral issues you might not notice

  • Maintain good oral hygiene


Regular checkups and dental exams at Advantage Dental Weston are performed by our dentists and include a dental cleaning.


Dental cleaning

Professional dental cleaning is the best way to maintain the teeth and gums healthy and free of diseases. Its goal is to remove plaque and calculus, also known as tartar, from your teeth's surface.


This is done using special tools called dental scalers. They are designed to clean and remove everything from your teeth. Once the teeth are clean, your dentists polish them to achieve a smooth and brilliant finish. This not only helps protect your teeth but also makes them look better.


Make an appointment at Advantage Dental Weston to get a dental checkup and ensure your teeth remain healthy.

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