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Dental implants in Weston, FL


Tooth loss is an unfortunate event that can affect everyone regardless of their age. One or multiple missing teeth are enough to affect how you look, talk, and eat. Fortunately, dentists nowadays can efficiently solve this issue with dental implants.


These specialized devices became the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. By acting as a tooth root, dental implants offer results that look and feel like having a natural tooth.


Dental implants are all you need to restore your smile. If you are near Weston, Florida, make an appointment with us at Advantage Dental Weston to achieve a complete dental arch once again.


What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a prosthetic appliance that dentists use to restore missing teeth. They look similar to a screw and are placed inside the bone.


The main goal of a dental implant is to mimic a tooth's root to place a restoration on top of it. Therefore, thanks to their structure, they feel exactly like natural teeth.


Yet, whether the tooth loss was caused by extensive cavities, periodontitis, or an accident, the dentist can use implants to fill the empty gap. However, there should be enough bone to safely place the dental implant.


These special appliances are made of biocompatible materials, such as titanium or zirconia. This helps reduce the risk of allergies and implant rejection to a minimum.


Furthermore, the dentist can place multiple restorations on top of the implants, ranging from a single dental crown or a fixed bridge to a complete denture. Therefore, turning dental implants into the best solution to missing teeth.


How do you get implants?

It is essential to know that getting implants is a process that can take several months. This is because the bone must fuse with the implant before placing the restoration on top.


Getting implants involves several steps:


1.    Planning:

The dentist designs the case with the help of a thorough evaluation of the oral cavity, dental impressions, x-rays, and a CT scan. The dentist also evaluates your medical history since the procedure involves surgery.


2.    Bone graft:

Bone quality must be optimal to withstand the dental implant. However, the bone tends to shrink after tooth loss. Therefore, in some cases, a bone graft might be necessary before implant surgery. Once the graft has fused with the bone and healed, the dentist can move forward to the next step.


3.    Implant placement surgery:

The dentist exposes the bone and drills the implant inside. Afterward, the gums are stitched on top of the implant to protect it while it fuses with the bone. This process can take 4-6 months.


4.    Implant exposure surgery:

Once healed, the dentist performs a second surgery to expose the implant and attach a device called an abutment. This device is where the restoration is placed.


5.    Dental impression:

The dentist takes a dental impression and delivers it to a dental laboratory. The laboratory then makes the restoration and sends it to the dentist.


6.    Restoration placement:

The dentist fixes the restoration to the implant abutment, and you are free to leave the office with a brand new smile.


Contact us and visit our dental office in Weston for more in-depth information about the process of getting dental implants.

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