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Experiencing toothache? swelling? tooth pain? or a broken tooth?

It is scary to bite into something and notice that something is not right with one of your teeth. When you are  in sudden pain, you need to get to your emergency dentist so that you can be treated. If you need urgent dental care or restorative dentistry in Weston, FL, Advantage Dental Weston is always there to help.

We are happy to care for several types of dental emergencies, including:

  • Severe, lasting toothaches or other tooth pain

  • A knocked-out tooth

  • A chipped or broken tooth

  • Damage to the soft tissues of the mouth, including the tongue, cheeks, lips, and gums

  • A cracked or fractured tooth

  • A partially knocked-out (extruded) tooth

  • A lost dental restoration, such as a lost filling or crown

Advantage Dental Weston treats dental emergencies fast and effectively in our office in Weston, FL. Contact our dental office immediately at 954.384.7505 or text us at 954.895.0135 if you think you are experiencing a dental health emergency.